Looking at Examples – Subpost 3

17 Feb

Hello once again! Today I will be examining the websites listed in the amazing article at http://sixrevisions.com/design-showcase-inspiration/responsive-webdesign-examples/

Perhaps to stay within the bounds of school policy, I shouldn’t bother with the first website, which is about beer… o.O

Hm… although the Daniel Vane website is rather inspiring, I’m not sure how functional it is. It seems cluttered, yet responsive. So in this case, I am ambivalent about the design. But it does have many good qualities that make it stand out: for example, its rectilinear layout is very appealing to the eye.

Much more appealing, in my opinion, is the website http://2012.inspireconf.com/, which uses color very effectively. In this case, it capitalizes on “cool colors” that emphasize a possibly environmental message. It is undeniable that artwork is just as important as layout, and this website is a perfect example of the importance of creating artwork that is appealing and meaningful.

The website http://forefathersgroup.com/ is one of those internet gems that crosses the line between “this is in my browser” and “this is a standalone application.” The reason why it seems to transcend this boundary is that it is so well made, with what seems to be nearly a GUI. Even more amazingly, this GUI is beautifully crafted with excellent use of color.

Just seeing the website http://www.humaan.com.au/ sent shivers down my spine. Whatever amount of money the company spent for the creation of this website was definitely worth it. One cannot help but notice how… dynamic it is. The background changes organically with each slide of the presentation.

Although I am far from achieving the interactivity and amazing design of these websites, I definitely look forward to the day when I am able to create such gems!


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