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Looking at Examples: Subpost 2

19 Dec


Today I will be performing a color analysis of

This website was mentioned as one of the “top website designs of 2012” by


First of all, let me just say that this sends megashivers down my spine. From the noisy background that was designed to be pleasant to look at, to the small details like the landing plane as you scroll down, the website is just splendid.

The website uses “contrasting” orange and black colors that nevertheless seem to complement each other. The website would probably be considered “split complementary” because of this interaction of color. The black and orange stand out significantly from the background, which fulfills the need for contrast. Although the website admittedly lacks focus on the text, it has tremendous focus on the images and treats the text like art. It does this, again, through color; for example, an entire page of images are set to a black background to emphasize the portfolio items.

All in all, the webiste is wonderful, and I look forward to analyzing even more websites in the future.