Colors and Artwork – Subpost 1

28 Nov

Hello! How’s it going?

Photoshop seems to be an important resource for constructing excellent websites. Although many effects can be achieved with hard code, there are many that are more effective when done in an advanced image editing program. Although I have Photoshop Elements (it was free!), articles about Photoshop effects are still worth reading since both programs are virtually the same for people who are not deep into graphic design.

As my resource for investigating Photoshop effects, does a great job of summarizing the different modern web design effects that could be achieved in Photoshop. Just scrolling through the website makes me dizzy… SO MUCH COLOR!

I followed the tutorial with great results.

Gaussian Blur (amazing effect, loved working on it!)

The noise filter is absolutely no problem. It is useful for making vintage-looking areas and drawing attention.

This effect requires a multiply blending mode. This creates darker colors since the color values are multiplied.
From this exercise I learned how to create a gradient layer, which was exciting.


One Response to “Colors and Artwork – Subpost 1”

  1. 003minj November 29, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    You might want to make physical website sub-tabs to put your blog entries under. It will help with the general organization.

    You should also include visual aids for each topic or design strategy you talk about – i.e. not just the website design, but the individual steps you have to do.

    But great, comprehensive work!

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