Looking at Examples – Subpost 1

27 Nov

Hello once again!

This time, on my brief hiatus from the abstract world of hard coding and html and CSS, I am going to talk about COLOR and AESTHETICS!

Today I have looked at some amazing designs on http://designm.ag/inspiration/examples-of-solid-colors-in-web-design/. On this website, I was able to draw my own conclusions about web design based on patterns I saw.

I found Project 1000’s page (http://proiect1000.org/) to be very appealing. I think it looks so good because of the excellent color balance, its use of shape and opacity, and the font choices used to build the site. I opened the source code (Ctrl+U in Firefox) to find out what font it used; it turns out that it uses the humble, sans-serif Arial font.

The Barista iPhone app page (http://www.glasshouseapps.com/barista/) now has an updated, even better look. The background is a solid gray color; in my interest to find out what color it was, I downloaded an application called Instant Eyedropper, which finds the color value of any pixel on the screen and converts it to an html hex code. How convenient! The site uses a primary background color of #212121, and the main field on top has a color value of #222222. I think the purpose of the color layering was to create a sense of balance, keeping the eyes focused mainly on the main field. Their logo is also amazing, and the website uses a font called “Vegur” that just blows me away. Vegur font download: http://www.fontspace.com/arro/vegur

Another website that stood out to me was David Fook’s design portfolio, http://davidfooks.com/. The interactive front page is amazing, but the animations are not the only things that caught my eye. The symbols at the top, although not carrying intuitive meaning, are symbols nevertheless rather than words. This has a powerful potential for branding and advertising. A gradient shade lights up the center of the page, where David Fook wants viewers to focus. Additionally, the background uses a humble default black, #000000. This surprises me; it seems that with just the simplest of colors a magnificent website can still be made beautiful.

The Yaron Schoen webpage mentioned on the website does not look the same anymore; I have attached a picture of the site for those who are interested. The rectilinear, sans-serif font is intriguing, and Yaron made it the center of the page rather than a picture. Simple yet relevant graphics are important to the website since they direct the viewer to different articles in a practical way. The background color is solid, yet what makes it appealing is that it is used in an interesting way, tied in with the chemical-magic motif.


This is a screenshot of Yaron Schoen’s webpage.


One Response to “Looking at Examples – Subpost 1”

  1. emilykayeblack November 29, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    That is totes cool yo, I really like colors and stuff, and it really adds a lot to the look of the website. Maybe you should make your blog look more interesting by using Photoshop to make a new background!

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