Learning HTML: Subpost 2

16 Nov

Hey everyone! Progress update:

I’ve been learning html for a while and have even started on CSS. CSS is interesting, since it is like a “layer” applied to a html file. For example, you could use a text modifier (for instance, body{font-family:”Times New Roman”; font-size:20px; }) to change ALL text related to the category specified. You can also use “stylesheets” to layer in some cool or often-used layouts. On the math circle website, for example, I used a prefabricated stylesheet (rather conveniently named “stylesheet.css”) to automate the creation of menu items. I would definitely like to make my own stylesheet in the future, however. That would be a great project; it integrates everything I will be learning for the ISP.

CSS operations must be specified within a “style type = “text/css”” tag. Stylesheets are can also be referenced in the head with a line like “link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”.

As for HTML, I learned what “meta tags” are. Those are the things that EasyBib uses to autocite. For the math circle page, I included meta tags just for fun. This way, I can have the website display a tab name other than “Google AppSpot” or “Localhost:9000.” I also added a favicon that is not particularly impressive, but a favicon nevertheless.

I am planning on creating a better logo for the site, but I’m probably not getting to that any time soon. I would probably design it to match the background color of the website and take up the entire top of the page.


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